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With over 100 years of experience, 3M safety brands has been offering safety solutions to personal protection like, fall protection, automotive care equipment, and other 3M industrial safety products in India, making your company a safer place to work in and in return give your customers the highest quality and experience of 3M safety equipment & clothing.

3M safety brands is known all over the world for its innovation and offers a wide range of products ranging from the disposable and respiratory masks/dusk masks, ear plugs, ear protection muffs along with, 3m safety goggles, 3m safety helmets, industrial reflective safety jackets, tape dispensers, various types of tapes, floor mops, sponges, abrasives, automotive care and various other products mentioned in the 3m safety catalogue.

3M safety brands offer one of the widest ranges of products in the world under the category of safety & protection. 3m industrial safety products in India ensure to provide unparalleled quality here in as well. All the products that we sell on our website are genuine and sourced from 3m Safety Company. All products that are mentioned in their 3m safety catalogue are provided by us.

The 3M safety catalogue has a wide variety of products that will take care of all your daily home and commercial needs. With the products line including all the products from 3m safety goggles to 3m safety helmets; 3m Safety Company is your one-stop shop/destination for all daily needs.


You can choose wide-range of products from their 3M safety catalogue like:

1.    Ear plugs

       a.    Corded plugs

       b.    Uncorded plugs

2.    Dust/respiratory masks

        3M, Disposable Mask, Dust Mask, BIS P1 9004 IN, 9010, 9000ING, 8710IN, 8210, 9913 IN, 8822

3.    Ear muffs

       3M, Ear Muff  21 dB, 23, 25, 27, 30 db Daily Use, Light Weight 1426, 1436, H7A, H9A, H10A

4.    Safety goggles-3M, Safety Protection Goggle, Clear Lens, Hard Coated

5.    Tape dispensers

6.    Tapes

         a.    Transparent tapes

         b.    Masking tapes

         c.    Electrical tapes

         d.    Surgical tapes  Abrasives

7.    Floor mops

8.    Sponges

9.    Automotive care

Select from wide range of products from 3M price list online india for 3M tapes, Ear Muffs, masks, goggles, respirator. All products are genuine and are sourced from 3M safety.

Wide range of products are avaliable such as h-700 series hard hats, 5952, 501, 5413, 6000 respirator, 8210, 8511, 8710, 8246 mask, 8810, 9000ing, 9004v, 99139010 &  have large range of 3M products online catalogue respirators and mask from 3M

3m Safety products helps the people in your company feel safe and stay safe, while they give their best to provide your customers with the highest quality of experience and help retain them. It has some of the ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 certifications, or other industry standards and regulations.

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