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Allen Cooper company is the flagship brand of Superhouse Group- an Indian multinational company that has its presence in more than 35 countries, who make the highest quality of Safety shoes in the industry.

They are the manufacturers of various types of Safety shoes and one of the Best Leather Exporters of the country. They deal in products that can cover us from head to toe.

Being a re-known brand in the industry for their Safety Shoes, they have several years of experience in manufacturing these shoes.


They make different types of Safety Shoes like:

  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1008
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1102
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1110
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1116
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1143
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1150
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1156
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1157
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1158
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1197
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 1267
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 7001
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 7005
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 9005
  • ·        Allen Cooper AC- 9006
  • ·        Allen Cooper Combat Boots


The kinds of shoes are used in different types of industries like:

  • ·        Oil Refineries
  • ·        Automotive
  • ·        Acid Factories
  • ·        Mines
  • ·        Cement Plants
  • ·        Building Construction
  • ·        Road Construction
  • ·        Railway Construction
  • ·        Iron & Steel, etc.


The shoes that we wear in our daily lives are not fit to be worn in these places. For this purpose, these shoes have toe made of steel for protection from Abrupt Fall of Equipments, Electric shocks, Resistance to Heat and Cold. It uses Exterior Grain Leather that offers High Durability and toughness and keep your feet safe and comfortable in some of the harshest conditions.


Their features are:

  • ·        Prevent Oil Slip
  • ·        Acid Resistant
  • ·        Anti-Static
  • ·        Electrical Safety Shoes- Shock Resistance upto 15KVA



Risks Covered


Anti-Static Footwear


Shock Protection to the heal


Resistance of the upper against absorption and penetration of water



Penetration Resistance (of the sole)

Conductive footwear


Insulation against heat


Insulation against cold


Resistance of the sole to heat


Maintenance tips

1.    After every use, leave your footwear dry in an airy place away from heat

2.    Regular cleaning of upper surface area and sole

3.    When the shoe is wet, dry it carefully and avoid direct heat

4.    Polish regularly

5.    Never wear damaged shoes

6.    Store in dry conditions only.


Superhouse Ltd. is an ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified manufacturers and exporter of finished leather products.


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