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BAKER Gauges India Pvt Ltd. is a manufacturing setup that started more than 5 decades ago which deals in

  • ·        Design, Manufacture and Supply of Thread Gauges and Micrometers
  • ·        Design, Manufacture and Supply of Precision Measuring Instruments, Air Gauges, Electronic Gauges and Customised Gauging Solutions

With that level of experience in manufacturing, BAKER Gauges India Pvt Ltd. today is the No.1 ranked company of Gauges and Precision Measuring Instruments in India. 

They offer a wide range of products like the hand-held precision measuring instruments (micrometers, dial gauges, callipers, etc.), thread gauge solutions and other multi gauging solutions that are driven by the air-electronic systems and computer softwares; For the engineering and metal working industry, BAKER Gauges provide the solutions for linear dimension measuring needs.

It provides you with tools that maintain uniformity in your threads, which helps you to make the highest quality of products

They have a wide variety of tools in their catalogue like:

1.    Dial Gauges and Dial Gauge Accessories

2.    Dial Instruments

3.    Callipers

4.    Micrometers

5.    Contact Type Plug Gauge

6.    Height Gauge

7.    Masters

8.    Thread Gauges

9.    Spline Gauges & Master Gauges

10. Air & Air-Electronic Gauges

11. Electronic Gauges

12. Customised Gauging Solutions

13. Coordinate Measuring Machine

14. Data Acquisition & SPC Software


With the world moving towards Statistical process control techniques at a lightning fast pace, BAKER Gauges India Pvt Ltd. has developed Q-Soft, which is a useful data acquisition and SPC software.

This allows you to have Real Time Process Control and allows you to view reports in the form of various Graphs, Charts or in other Statistical forms. The software is as simple as a plug and play software which can be used by anyone.

The basic requirements for using it are:

1.    BAKER digital instruments that are capable of data output

2.    Connecting cables

3.    Multiplexer (Optional)

4.    Desktop or a laptop (with Windows XP or above)

5.    Q-Soft Software


The World Class Infrastructure facilities and manufacturing equipments at BAKER Gauges India Pvt. Ltd give you the finest Precision Tools and Gauges that allow you to get the highest level of output and in turn satisfy your customers and retain them.


The company has various certifications like

  • ·        ISO/IEC 17025:2005 calibration laboratories accredited by NABL
  • ·        ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • ·        Certified by the BMI Division, and the HIP Division


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