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CEM Instruments has been a leading measuring instruments Chinese company for over 21 years. CEM Instruments specializes in Infrared Thermometer, Digital Multimeter, Clamp-on Meter, Insulation Tester, Electrical Tester, Light Meter, Sound Level Meter, Thermo-Anemometer, Gas Detector, Manometer and various measuring instruments.

CEM Instruments has an area of 16million square feet for 2 R&D centers so that it can cater to the changing industrial and customer demands. CEM Instruments has more than 800 employees working for timely delivery to the customers. Their management has been organised according to the ISO 9001 standards.

They offer a wide range of products under the following categories:

·        Air Particle Counter

·        Alcohol Tester

·        Borescope

·        Cable/Pipe Fault Locator

·        Carbon Di Oxide Detector

·        Carbon Mono Oxide Detector

·        Coating Thickness Meter

·        Data Logger

·        Digital Anemometer

·        Digital Clamp Meter

·        Digital Clamp on Meter

·        Digital Earth Resistance Tester

·        Digital Installation Meter

·        Digital Lux Meter

·        Digital Multimeter

·        Digital Pressure Meter

·        Digital Sound Level Meter

·        Digital Thermometer

·        Distance meter

·        Dry Well Temperature Calibrator

·        Earth and Continuity Tester

·        Electrical Tester

·        EMF Tester

·        Food Safety Thermometer

·        Gas Leakage Detector

·        Infra-Red Temperature Controller

·        Infra-red Thermometer

·        Infra red Thermometer        Calibrator

·        Insulation Resistance Tester

·        Leakage Current Clamp Meter

·        LOOP/PSC Tester

·        Microwave Leakage Detector

·        Mini Environmental Meter

·        Moisture Meter

·        Phase Rotation Indicator

·        Radiation Meter

·        RCD (ELCB) Tester

·        Socket Polarity Tester

·        Temperature and Humidity Meter

·        Thermal Imager

·        Voltage Detector

CEM Instruments has been approved by UL, GS, CE and RoHS. In 2009, CEM Instruments passed the ISO13485 quality certificate for medical products.


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