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It is over 3 decades ago when Hillson Footwear Pvt. Ltd entered the Indian market. Today, they are one of the leaders and experts in manufacturing Safety Shoes in the Indian Footwear Market.

Hillson Safety Shoes have a strict motto which is; not to sacrifice on the Safety and Quality if the Rewards and Results are to be emphasized.

Hillson Safety Shoes make use of advance indigenous and latest technologies not just to make their products cost efficient, but also to the maintain a lead in a price sensitive market. With their in house raw material processing, the customer is sure to get a product that is high on quality and low on price.

Hillson Safety Shoes gives a wide range of Safety Shoes that enable your workers to work without the pressure of getting hurt.

Hillson Safety Shoe is a versatile product that can be used in many industries like

  • ·        Construction
  • ·        Agriculture
  • ·        Rainy Season Wear
  • ·        Road Construction
  • ·        Fisheries
  • ·        Tanneries
  • ·        Welding
  • ·        Oil Fields
  • ·        Chemical Industries using acid and alkalies


Hillson Safety shoes have a plethora of products to offer

  • ·        Safety Gumboots
  • ·        Gumboots
  • ·        Button Boots
  • ·        PVC Moulded Safety Shoe
  • ·        Economical Safety Shoes
  • ·        PU Safety Shoes- Single Density
  • ·        Safety Shoes- ISI Density
  • ·        Safety Shoes- Double Density
  • ·        Export Range of Safety Products
  • ·        Steel Toe Gum Boots
  • ·        Dual Density Gumboots/Rain Shoes
  • ·        Kids Gumboots
  • ·        Leather Safety Shoes (PVC)
  • ·        Winter Shoes
  • ·        Leather Safety Shoes (PU)
  • ·        Economical Steel Toe Gumboots
  • ·        Industrial Safety Shoes
  • ·        Nubuck Leather Safety Shoes

Product Specifications:





Chemical Resistant


Oil Resistant





Steel Toe

Key Features

Comfortable to walk

Tear resistant

Optimal Strength

Smooth Finish

Special Features

Affordable, Durable, Value for Money


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