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Even though they are new in the business, HTC Instruments gives you a good set of instruments that gives a professional touch to everything you do. HTC Instruments was established in the year 2008. HTC Instruments deliver equipments that meet a standard of quality so that you and your customers get the best out of everything.

HTC Instruments manufactures and sources many day to day items for the industry. HTC Instruments fulfils your needs and serves every industry from A (Agriculture) to Z(Zoology). HTC Instruments has a wide portfolio which has over 125 products to offer to the industry and thousands of satisfied customers.

HTC Instruments offers testing and measuring instruments that meet the highest quality standards. HTC Instruments is today one of the leading manufacturers of industrial products and a supplier to the Govt. and the private sectors.

HTC Instruments has their presence all over the country with their offices present in all the 4 zones of the country i.e., North, South, East & West Zones.

HTC Instruments has a wide portfolio of products to offer like:

1.    Analog/ Digital Multimeter

2.    Clamp Meter

3.    Power Meter and Power Monitor

4.    AC Leakage Tester/ Earth Tester

5.    Insulation Tester

6.    Phase Rotation Tester

7.    Capacitance/ LCM/ Milliohm Meter

8.    SMD Tester and Transistor Tester

9.    Lux Meter

10. Sound Level Meter

11. Vibration Meter

12. Anemometer

13. Stroboscope

14. Digital Thermometer

15. Optical/ Infrared Thermometer

16. Calibrator

17. Hygro Thermometer

18. Data Logger

19. Digital Manometer

20. Electro-Magnetic Field Tester

21. Oscilloscope

22. DC Regulated Power Supply

23. Frequency Counter

24. Function Generator

25. Microwave Leakage Meter

26. Altimeter/ Distance Meter

27. Carbon Monoxide Meter

28. Computer Interface & Accessories

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