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The Mallcom foundation was laid in 1983, when they started the manufacturing, exporting and distributing a wide range of products of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) category. Mallcom marked their entry into their PPE business by exporting the first leather gloves to Germany in 1986. In 1991, Mallcom commenced their garment division. In 1994, Mallcom went public. The shares were listed in Calcutta Stock Exchange and Delhi Stock Exchange. In 1998, they started manufacturing safety shoes with JV partner.

Mallcom has state-of-the-art, automated and ultra-modern manufacturing facilities in West Bengal and Uttarakhand

Mallcom’s vision is to design, produce and provide products and services with their focus and emphasis on performance which they want to extend in the international market.

Mallcom’s range of products include safety equipment for:

  • Hand
  • Feet

o   Basic high ankle safety shoes

o   Basic low ankle safety shoes

o   Classic industry shoes

o   Metal free safety shoes

o   Premium safety shoes

o   Light walker safety sheos

o   Winter shoes

o   Feet accessories

o   Executive rage

o   Aero range

o   Designer range


  • Body
  • Fall


All the Mallcom products are ISO 9001:2008 and SA 8000:2008 certified.


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